Opel INSIGNIA 2019+ XPL Curved Lightbar Kit Vision-X

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  • OPEL-XPLHC231N19
  • E-marked with Ref. No. 30
Full Vision-X Kit consisting of 1 Vision-X LED-Lightbar XPL-HC23EMH E-marked with Ref. No. 30... mehr
Produktinformationen "Opel INSIGNIA 2019+ XPL Curved Lightbar Kit Vision-X"

Full Vision-X Kit consisting of 1 Vision-X LED-Lightbar XPL-HC23EMH E-marked with Ref. No. 30 and a high quality mounting kit for your Opel INSIGNIA 2019+.

Technical Data XPL-HC23EMH:
Beam Pattern: 15° Spot:
Raw Lumens: 12.305 lm(ea):
Effective Lumens: 8.614 lm(ea):
Power: 115 Watt:
Weight: 2,2 kg:
Dimensions: 762x51x55 mm

LEDs: 5W Per LED
Housing Material: Aluminium
Light Colour Temp: 6000 Kelvin
Voltage: 9-32V DC
Amperage: 3.12A~8.96A@24V DC - 6.25A~17.92A@12V DC
Vibration Rating: 21 Grms
Lens Material: Polycarbonate
Smooth Backlit
Proprietary IRIS Reflector Technology
High performance curved light bars
Weatherproof Deutsch Connector with Plug and Play Harness
Certifications: CE, RoHS, IEC 62471,
IRIS reflector technology

The XPL Curved Halo Series LED Light Bar is our solution to growing demand for high performance curved light bars. We did it better and we are the first to do it featuring an ultra slim 2” housing with high intensity single row 5W LEDs. Utilizing our Iris Reflector Technology coupled with the unique curve of the bar, the XPL Curved Series produces a broad spot beam pattern that reaches over 1,800ft with up 23,005 raw lumens.

High Intensity CREE LED The 5W XP-L-HI LED from CREE is what allows the XPL to project light up to 2.067 ft. (630m.). Smooth backlight The XPL comes equipped with a back-lit halo that can be used as a daytime running light. (SAE Compliant for 20" and under).

General information: In Germany your are only allowed to have a maximum of 4 individual high beams. The overall reference must not extend beyond 100. Lights are only allowed as a pair. All high beams must turn off when you switch off your regular high beams. Certified lights must only be used for what they are certified for (driving lights, fog lights, reversing lights etc.). Regulations might differ in other countries.

If you still have a question or you did find what you were looking for, do not hesitate to contact us. We offer a wide range of Vision-X and offroad/outdoor products.

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