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Shower Cabin Universal Shower Cabin Universal
€630.00 *
Ironman 4x4 Dusche Ironman 4x4 Dusche
Looking to stay clean and fresh out on the tracks? The Ironman 4x4 rechargeable camp shower has you covered! With a built in Lithium-ion battery there is no need to worry about vicinity to your vehicle, you can set this up in privacy...
From €111.00 *
RoadShower RoadShower
RoadShower The patented RoadShower is made of aluminum Available in different sizes
From €499.90 *
On-Off Elbow for RoadShower On-Off Elbow for RoadShower
On-Off Elbow: Einfach zu montieren an den Wasser auslässen am Tank. Elbow kommt mit Absperrhahn, mit dem auch der Druck reguliert werden kann. Wird benötigt, um den FlexHead Shower zu verwenden.
€29.90 *
RoadShower Flexkopfdusche Groß (76cm) RoadShower Flexkopfdusche Groß (76cm)
FlexHead Shower: Made of flexible Steel hose with an adjustable shower head
€64.90 *