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  • JB-RT-DI-M-W
  • Shell GRP (grey), Tent Material: 100% Polyester with acrylcoating (white)
  • James Baroud Discovery Weiß
James Baroud Dicovery/Extreme: The Discovery is the classic hard-shell tent in triangular... more
Product information "James Baroud Discovery/Extreme"

James Baroud Dicovery/Extreme:

The Discovery is the classic hard-shell tent in triangular shape. The two roof shells are connected at the front with stable hinges. The automatic erection takes place after opening two closures at the end of the tent by gas pressure springs. The James Baroud Discovery is the tent that opens and closes most easily and quickly.
The James Baroud Extreme differs from the James Baroud Discovery in the loading area on the roof.


Three entrances

All James Baroud hard-shell roof tents are fully equipped and have generous, double-layer entrance doors with fly screens on all sides.
There are brackets on two sides of the tent in which the included ladder can be hung.

Panorama window

The large panoramic windows make the James Baroud hard shell tents unique in the market. Large parts of the tent fabric can be opened and allow unbelievable views from the tent.

tent fabric

James Baroud used as All Season Touring(TM) tent fabric by Dutch specialist TenCate. The very high quality polyester canvas is comparatively light, but still strong and durable. The microporous sixfold acrylic coating makes it waterproof, breathable and weatherproof, and is also dirt-repellent and easy to clean.
The tent fabric used reflects the sunlight, offers a pleasant opacity and reduces heat build-up inside the tent. A circumferential elastic band integrated into the tent fabric simplifies closing the tent.


The tents are constructed in such a way that no water can penetrate even in heavy rain and withstand wind speeds of up to 120 km/h.
A maintenance-free fan ensures a pleasant climate. In cold weather it transports the moist air leading to condensation outside. The operating time of the fan with a fully charged battery is a maximum of 8 hours. The battery is charged fully automatically by solar cell. The ventilator is waterproof, extremely quiet and can of course be switched off.

roof shell
The roof shells are made of glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP).
Thermal insulation incorporated into the floor shell reduces the cooling of the sleeping area at low temperatures, reduces condensation and contributes to the pleasant sleeping comfort.
The tents can be opened easily and quickly using gas pressure springs from the German manufacturer AL-KO. Depending on the tent design, two or four springs are installed. Tents with loading area are delivered with reinforced springs. The opening is usually done in less than 10 seconds and with a little practice, closing does not take longer than half a minute. For quick closing, make sure that the air can escape from the inside of the tent. Leave a door slightly open for this purpose. The same applies analogously to opening.
The roof shells are closed with two retaining brackets per hinged side. The temples are perfectly fitted and do not need to be adjusted. The closing clamps can be easily replaced by padlocks to lock the tent when needed.

interior equipment

The comfortable high-density foam mattress with a volume weight of 28 kg/m³ is equipped with an easily removable, washable cotton cover.
The roof shell is lined with a textile insulating material for heat and noise insulation and is provided with a large storage net.
The tents are supplied with an LED torch that can be charged by cigarette lighter plug or mains plug. This can be easily attached to the Velcro strip running around the top of the roof.


All tents come with a telescopic aluminium ladder that is adjustable in length and can also be used comfortably barefoot.
The ladder is supplied with a protective cover to transport the ladder inside the tent when not in use. The maximum length of the ladder is 244 cm.

vehicle assembly

The easiest way to assemble the tent is on cross beams. The lower shell of the tent is fitted throughout with two stable aluminium C-profiles. The six mounting brackets supplied can be inserted into these and placed in any position.
For a secure hold, two cross beams are sufficient. For off-road use, however, we recommend three or possibly more depending on the stability of the attachment of the cross members to the vehicle. four crossbars can also be used.

Additional equipment (Available at "Roof tent accessories"







The inner dimensions of the James Baroud Discovery and James Baroud Extreme:
(L) 198 cm x (W) 140 cm
The outer dimensions when closed:
(L) 204 cm x (W) 143 cm x (H) 33 cm.
Weight: approx. 50 kg.

The interior dimensions of the James Baroud Discovery XXL and James Baroud Extreme XXL:
(L) 224 cm x (W) 160 cm

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